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Braley & Thompson Foster Care and Community Support Referrals

Download Printable Referral and Admission Forms

Braley & Thompson offers therapeutic foster care, non-therapeutic foster care, independent living, short-term foster care, and a wide variety of community services to children and families throughout Virginia. If we do not offer the therapeutic services that you need, we will refer you to the appropriate service provider.

We have provided the following referral forms and additional admission materials that you may download and return to us at your convenience. If you prefer, you may stop in to any of our offices to pick up paper copies of these forms.

Download our Initial New Placement Referral Form – Please fill out this form if you would like to refer a youth for our services.

Download our Admission Form & Packet

At Braley & Thompson, we believe that every child deserves permanency and we have a high rate of positive discharges including independent living, adoption, and return home. We offer a variety of mentoring services to provide support to our consumers in therapeutic foster care as well as to help them make the transition home. Many of our services are also available to members of the community that are not part of our therapeutic foster care program. Contact us for more details about any of our programs or to sign up or refer an individual for foster care, mental health care, or any of our other professional community services.

Assessments and Background Checks in Virginia

Braley & Thompson offers a variety of assessments and background checks to meet a wide variety of needs.

Family Assessment: This evaluation identifies the caregiver’s overall ability to appropriately care for children and provides an objective measure of their parenting skills. Interviews are conducted with the youth, as well as the family referral source. Documentation is reviewed, diagnostic tools are completed (including the Child Behavior Checklist, Anger Control Survey, SASSI-A2, Ansell-Casey, genograms, etc.), and the report is returned to the referral source.

Kinship Placement Assessment: This biopsychosocial evaluation is used to identify the caregiver’s overall ability to appropriately care for children and provides an objective measure of his or her parenting skills. A clinical interview is conducted with the youth and the family referral source. Documentation is also reviewed. Three interviews are conducted including separate interviews with the husband, wife, and children. Additional interviews may be required. Background and reference checks are conducted, financial approval is granted, and education about appropriate discipline and are provided.

Contact Braley & Thompson, Inc. for more information about our services: (833) 837-8964.