Life Skills

Individual Life Skills Coaching in Hampton Roads, VA

We Help Teens Achieve Independence and Maintain Stability

Our Braley & Thompson Life Skills Coaching services assist at-risk youth in their homes and in the Hampton Roads community to support them in achieving independence and maintaining stability in their environment. We help teens learn the skills needed to prevent removal from their home and community due to legal involvement, drug and alcohol use, psychiatric needs, and severe limitations in social and personal relationships.

Life Skills Training for Community Integration and Re-Entry

Our “My Place” and Ansell-Casey Life Skills training curriculum covers the following areas of skill building with both pre-and post-testing to ensure competency:

  • Communication Skills Training/Role Modeling
  • Gaining Access to Resources
  • Healthy Therapeutic Recreational Activities
  • Housing and Money Management
  • Self-Care/Hygiene Skills
  • Health and Nutrition Needs
  • Medication Management and Education
  • Social Relationships and Socialization Opportunities
  • Community Activities (Including Volunteer Work)
  • Employability, Career Search, and Planning
  • Study Skills
  • Behavior Management and Mental Health Support
  • Supervision (Family Involvement and Engagement)

We develop individualized service plans in collaboration with referral sources based on each teen’s specific areas of concern and targeted goals to assist this population in developing the skills and abilities needed to successfully integrate into and remain in their community and avoid legal involvement. The client, families, and other caregivers are encouraged to participate in creating a comprehensive plan of care.

Our Life Skills Coaching services are also used to assist juvenile offenders with successful re-entry into their community. We are approved providers with the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. These services can be funded through CSA or DJJ funding streams.

GPS Electronic Ankle and Curfew Monitoring

Braley & Thompson offers the following additional services in conjunction with our Life Skills Coaching services programs:

GPS Electronic Ankle Monitoring for Intensive Supervision

Installation of the STOP ankle Monitor and set up in the VeriTracks® online monitoring system is included for each case referred for intensive supervision.

  • Daily Email Notification
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Face-to-Face Visits
  • 24/7 Notification Option

Anytrax® Curfew Monitoring

Anytrax® call in/call out system is used to confirm that the client is following curfew and location requirements by the referral source

  • Daily Telephone Contacts
  • Voice Recognition
  • Can be Used for Multiple Locations
  • Step Down from Ankle Monitor

Contact Braley & Thompson, Inc. for more information about our services: (833) 837-8964.