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Independent Living Services and Support in Virginia

Independent Living Apartment Program in Roanoke and Harrisonburg, VA

Braley & Thompson offers foster care youth ages 17 – 21 an Independent Living Apartment Program that includes comprehensive case management services in a safe and secure environment. Residents receive an Independent Living assessment and individualized service planning, educational opportunities, vocational supports, and employment assistance. Residents participate in traditional classroom instruction, in addition to hands-on, skill based training. Each apartment is furnished and located near public transportation, shopping, educational facilities, and employment opportunities in Roanoke and Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Braley & Thompson’s Independent Living Apartment Program provides supports and services to help young people transition from foster care to successful independence:

  • Extensive case management services
  • Safe, licensed independent living residence monitored by qualified staff
  • Coordination of employment, medical and psychological needs, educational opportunities, and transportation
  • Assessment of youth skills using the Casey Life Skills Assessment; Service planning based on specific needs
  • Unique approach to teaching independent living skills including traditional classroom instruction and hands-on, skill based training
  • Emergency on-call services available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Community Independent Living Courses for Success in Life

What are community independent living courses?

Braley & Thompson offers a 10-session independent living curriculum course to all community youth ages 14 – 21. A unique approach to teaching the skills necessary to live a successful, independent life is implemented. Participants receive a Casey Life Skills assessment, an individualized learning plan, and instruction from a highly skilled trainer. Hands-on experience, a course workbook, and a certificate of completion are included.

Who is eligible?

Community independent living classes are offered to any community youth ages 14 – 21. Referrals are accepted from DSS, court services, FAPT, case managers, mentors, mental health support workers, teachers, and parents.

What curriculum will be used to teach my youth independent living skills?

We use ResCare’s own ” My Place” 10-module curriculum including a participant workbook. A combination of traditional classroom instruction and hands-on skill based training are used to teach the skills necessary for living successful, independent lives. Participants gain real world experience and knowledge.

What topics will be covered during the 10-session course?

The following topics will be covered during the 10-session Community Independent Living Course:

  • Budgeting/Finances
  • Career Skills
  • Communication
  • Community Resources
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Education
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Relationships
  • Self-Care

Successful Transitions with Independent Living Training Programs

Independent Living Program in the Community (Intensive): This independent living training program is available for youth in their current living situation, including their own apartment, family home, etc. The program is set up to be completed in one year or as the youth achieves proficiency. Youth will learn money management, attend an educational program, and establish employment eligibility and/or stability. One-on-one training using the My Place curriculum is included and 24/7 on-call staff access is available.

Independent Living Program in the Community (Transitional): This transitional independent living training program provides youth with the emotional support and life skills training required to successfully transition toward independent living. Components may include case management and referral services, life skills training, and assistance with job seeking and locating appropriate housing.



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