Intensive In-Home Program Provides Support to Improve Functioning

Treatments and Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Braley & Thompson offers an Intensive In-Home Program in Hampton Roads, Virginia for children and adolescents from ages 5 – 18, who live in a community-based family system. The program assists young people who display symptoms and behaviors that put them at risk for placement in a more restrictive setting, or who could be returned from a restrictive setting to a family, given adequate treatment supports.

Crisis Intervention, Behavior Management, and Social Rehabilitation

The Intensive In-Home Program provides services in the youth’s family and community setting to improve the youth’s functioning. We develop goals around the identified stressors and provide intensive individual and family counseling, life skills activities, crisis intervention, behavior management, and case management related to the child’s needs. The services are rehabilitative and improve the child’s overall functioning in the home, community, and school.

Empowering Parents and Building Strong Families

Our Intensive In-Home Treatment Program typically involves extended hours initially, then progresses to less intensive treatment as natural supports are established and the family system becomes better equipped to safely and effectively manage the needs of the child.

The specific goals and services provided by our Intensive In-Home Program include:

  • Involving the family to clearly articulate goals, plans, strategies, and objectives
  • Empowering parents/guardians to bond with and manage children’s behaviors safely and effectively
  • Assisting in meeting basic needs to help alleviate psycho-social stressors
  • Helping to build skills including communication, problem solving, stress management, and development of pro-social behaviors
  • Improving the emotional climate of the home and strengthening family organization and involvement
  • Developing and implementing individual and family safety plans
  • Accessing and coordinating with other community services

Our intensive in-home services are designed to serve clients who are experiencing mental, behavioral, and/or emotional illness(es) resulting in significant functional impairment in major life activities, placing the youth at risk of out-of-home placement. These services are provided in the youth’s home, as the least-restrictive setting, and are reimbursed by Medicaid.



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