Information for Prospective Foster Families in Virginia

Considering Becoming a Foster Parent?

When you make the important decision to become a foster parent, you are helping the community, as well as, making a significant positive impact on the personal, emotional, and physical health of a child in need. If you are considering becoming a foster parent, Braley & Thompson provides comprehensive training and resources to support you 24 hours 7 days a week!

At Braley & Thompson, we support our foster families and the community. We take great efforts to provide continuity of care for all of the youth in our care. In addition, we believe in the importance of providing relevant information and training for our foster parents and staff to provide the type of quality care that our foster care youth deserve.

Why Be Foster Parents with Us

  • Paid respite
  • Evidenced based pre-service training
  • Incentives for referring other parents
  • Behavior modification system paid out to youth
  • Recreation monies reimbursed to parents
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • On-going training opportunities

Who Can Become a Foster Parent?

If you are thinking about the prospect of becoming a foster parent and have questions, please contact us at any time. So many children are waiting for a place to call home. Some of the basic guidelines that apply to becoming a foster parent include:

  • Must be over age 21
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must have enough space for a foster child to have his or her own room
  • Must be able to clear background and DMV checks
  • Must have flexibility to care for a child who may have multiple appointments
  • Must be financially stable

If you have any questions about qualifications contact one of our offices.

*You must be willing to open your heart to a child in need who has experienced significant trauma

If these qualifications apply to you, you may be eligible to become a foster parent. Please contact your nearest Braley & Thompson agency. We will provide you will a brief overview of our treatment foster care program over the phone and ask you some basic information to determine your eligibility for foster parenting, including your address, number of family members, ages, employment, and education level. If it seems like a good fit, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss the program in more detail, including a more in-depth view of what we do and how we work with the Department of Social Services and other community supports and will discuss your role as foster parent.

The Application Process to Become a Foster Family in Virginia

Steps to Be a Foster Family

  • Call us
  • Complete Application
  • Complete 8 session training
  • Complete CPR/First aid
  • Complete background checks
  • Complete home study
  • Ask Lots of Questions

How you will be trained?

If you are considering becoming a foster family, we want you to know that Braley & Thompson is here to support you in any manner necessary 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Individualized Foster Parent Training

Braley & Thompson is committed to providing individualized training to each approved foster family to best meet the needs of the youth place in their home. Our Foster Parent Trainer works with families to identify training needs and develops an individualized plan based on the specific needs of the foster care youth. This specialized approach assists the foster parents in understanding specific clinical, emotional, and behavioral needs by providing education, support, and guidance.

Parenting Skills Training (PST)

Braley & Thompson offers Parenting Skills Training (PST) as a pre-service curriculum for foster parents. PST introduces real and practical skills for difficult and challenging situations that foster parents may encounter during their foster care journey. PST educates foster parents on Attachment Theory and Trauma-Informed Treatment. The PST Model emphasizes the power of relationships in learning and shaping a child’s view of self and the world, and teaches parents the importance of using a strength-based approach to care giving.

Various levels of foster care support, supervision, and administration are available. You may choose to participate in short-term foster care, non-therapeutic foster care, and therapeutic foster care (at various levels from mild to significant). Additional daily supervision and respite are available for our foster families, as needed. Foster care children from ages 0 – 17:11 months require the supportive stability of a family that you may be able to provide. Contact us to learn how you can make a difference in the life of a child and our community: (434) 832-1326.

Contact Braley & Thompson, Inc. for more information about our services: (833) 837-8964.