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Braley & Thompson has compiled the following forms and informational resources to assist you with locating and accessing the available resources for foster parents in the state of Virginia. Although family reunification is the priority for most children in the foster care system, our goal is to assist children and families with making the most progress possible during the child/children’s stay with you as a foster parent. Together, we are raising the next generation.

Medical, Dental and Physical Forms for Foster Care

Medical Treatment Form (routine medical care): If you are a foster parent and are taking your foster youth for medical treatment, print and take a copy of this form to every appointment. This form must accompany the child to every doctor, dentist, therapy, and medication management appointment and must be filled out at the time of the visit. Please have the doctor/dentist complete this form and turn it in to your case manager. **Please note: This is NOT the form for PHYSICALS. The PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REPORT must be used for physician’s examinations.

Physical Examination Report: Our foster youth need to have a physical within 45 days of their placement and then every year afterwards. This form needs to be taken with you when you take the foster youth for their physical. Make sure the doctor completes the WHOLE form. Sometimes they miss boxes, so please do not leave without checking to make sure it is fully completed.

Foster Family Training Forms

Foster Parent Application –If you are interested in becoming a foster family with Braley and Thompson please take the time and complete this application. You can either call your local office and ask any questions about mailing the application in OR you can scan your application in and send to Bernard Brown –State Trainer at [email protected]

Foster Parent Financial Form –in order to become a foster parent one of the items we need to know is that your family is financially stable. This form will need to be completed and we will also need a copy of 2 of your latest pay stubs. If you have any questions please contact your local office.

Foster Parent Physical Exam Form and TB Test Form -another qualification for being a foster family is that all members are in good health and free of any communicable diseases including TB. Before you can be certified each family member will need a physical on this form and a TB test. If you have any questions please contact Bernard Brown at [email protected]

Foster Family Physical Exam Form: In order to be come a foster family everyone in that lives in the house will need to get a physical and TB test completed before they can be certified. This form is to be completed by all family members who are interested in becoming foster parents. This is the only form we can accept as it asks specific questions that the meets state requirements. 

TB Test Report: In order to be come a foster family everyone that lives in the house will need to get a physical and TB test completed before they can be certified. This TB Test Report can be taken to the doctor to complete when the physical is completed.

Independent Foster Parent Training: To be used for any NON-Braley and Thompson training. If you are already a foster family and go to a training please complete this form and turn in to your case manager.

Community Resources for Foster Families in Roanoke, VA

There are a wide variety of community resources available to provide foster families in Roanoke, Virginia and throughout our entire service area with the services that they need to help make the child/children’s stay with the foster family and the transition from foster care to permanency with the family as successful as possible. Family participation, social and community services, financial assistance, regular professional contacts with case workers, mental health professionals, and educational personnel all contribute to achieving a successful outcome by building a strong and independent family unit, while ensuring safety for all.

In some cases when family reunification with the biological parents is not possible, we will help determine if placement with a relative or adoptive family is an appropriate goal for our youth and guide you toward locating the appropriate resources to secure permanency with a relative or adoptive family.

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