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Treatment-Based Foster Care in Virginia

Professional Support Services for Children and Families Since 1979

Braley & Thompson focuses on Therapeutic Foster Care. Treatment-based foster care offers a safe and stable environment for youth in foster care to manage their social, emotional, and educational issues. Braley & Thompson’s foster families work with a team of professional staff to develop unique responses to meet the individualized needs of each child. We fully train all of our foster families before we certify them. Our service areas include: Richmond, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Christiansburg, Woodbridge, Charlottesville, Hampton Roads, and surrounding areas in Virginia.

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Therapeutic Foster Care Offers a Structured Support Setting

Therapeutic (Treatment) Foster Care offers a safe and stable environment for youth in foster care to manage social, emotional, and educational issues associated with the complex trauma of abuse, neglect, and dysfunctional home lives. Our Treatment Foster Care provides the structured setting necessary for growth and development and to offset developmental delays. Braley & Thompson’s foster families work with a team of professional staff to develop unique responses to meet the individualized needs of each child and to build healthy family relationships. In addition, Braley & Thompson assists foster families in providing care and support to children with emotional and behavioral instabilities as they grow into mature, well functioning adults.

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Traditional Temporary Foster Care for Safety and Security

Non-Therapeutic Traditional Foster Care is designed to meet the needs of newly admitted children who may be developmentally on target, demonstrate age-appropriate behaviors, are able to participate in community activities without restriction, or who are the sibling of a child who meets the criteria for ongoing Therapeutic Foster Care placement in the same foster home. These are children that would typically be in traditional foster care. Children shall be served at the Traditional Non-Therapeutic Foster Care level if their assessment indicates that Therapeutic Treatment Foster Care services are not warranted. This lower level of support is not intended as a treatment level, but rather a level of foster care support intended to provide safety and security until a more permanent arrangement can be made. If there are questions whether youth would match this level of care, please contact one of our offices.

Short-Term Foster Care Placement for Temporary Respite

Our Short-Term Placement Service provides respite to caregivers by placing the child in a treatment foster home on a short-term basis. The temporary stay gives caregivers an opportunity to stabilize their environment, make it safe, and build supports to maintain the family unit and prevent placement of the youth in a more restrictive setting. Short Term Placement includes the supervision and support of the foster family, professional case management, and emergency services. This type of placement is approved and funded by the locality in which the youth resides.

Professional Supervised Visitation Services in Virginia

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Supervised Visitation: This service includes professionally supervised visitation between adults (usually biological parents) and the child/children in a safe and neutral setting. Observation, assessment, and level of involvement from staff will be determined by the referring agency. Clinical observation notes will be completed by staff supervising the visit and will be provided to the referral source.

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Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: This service includes visitation, which is highly structured with support from a master’s level or a licensed clinician, regarding boundaries, communication, and nurturing. This service is provided for families who have a history of moderate to high-risk behavior in the past and who seek to maintain family connections or are working towards reunification. This service includes reporting, documentation, and possible court testimony.

Additional resources are also available for foster youth and foster parents, as well as community members.

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